Living a Healthy Lifestyle Helps Reducing Stress?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Helps Reducing Stress?

Stay positive in life, and you will reduce the effects of stress. It may seem obvious, but researchers have finally found a scientific reason behind this correlation.

Reducing stress is a natural effect of living a healthy lifestyle. Seems simple, doesn’t it? But what are the reasons behind this correlation?

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have tried to answer this question with a study. Study participants (239 post-menopausal women) were monitored in their everyday life. Researchers took note of their sleeping patterns, their diets and how much they exercised throughout the course of a year. The women also reported on stressful events that they underwent during the year.

Researchers took blood samples and measured the telomeres (the protections over chromosomes that indicate cell aging) and the damage that was done to them during the duration of the study. The results were as clear as day: women that lead a healthy lifestyle had healthier telomeres in comparison to the shrunken and aged ones belonging to test subjects that did not.

This was proven regardless of stress levels, indicating that living a healthy lifestyle can nullify the invisible damages caused by stress. This has lead to the assumption that stressful events can accelerate aging and that it can be observed during the course of just a year. However, fear not, as the results have also shown that a healthy lifestyle is crucial when it comes to reduce stress.

So, stay positive and fight the effects of stress!