Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massotherapy (aka as Massage Therapy) is a practice that brings benefits to the body through a therapeutic touch. Read this article for more info about it.

The human body needs a way to release all stress that is collected within it. Sometimes you need an aid in order to do so: a little help that can relax your muscles and dissolve the tension spots that gather around. Massage Therapy (or Massotherapy) can provide you with that small but needed therapeutic touch. But how does this work?

The power of massage therapy has been known for millennia. Even in ancient Greece philosophers and healers were positive of the health benefits of massage therapy on a patient. Hippocrates (considered by many the father of medicine) suggested that physicians could “rub” their patients in order to make them feel better.

After centuries, we can provide scientific proof to support this: a soft massage can improve circulation and blood flow through the veins. This promotes a general sense of well being, increases muscle flexibility, reduces tension, eases headaches… The recognized health benefits from massage therapy are countless!

During recent years, researchers got onto this and have started proving the effectiveness of massotherapy. The following is a list of health benefits of massage therapy that have been verified:

– Massages improve attentiveness in office workers, that perform better and are less stressed than those who did not receive the same treatment.

– It decreases the effects of anxiety, tension, pain, depression and itching in burn patients.

– Premature babies gained more weight when massaged.

– Autistic children responded positively to massage therapy.

– Patients recovered more quickly from surgery after massage.

Try out a regenerating asian massage and see for yourself if you feel different. Here is the right music for a special healing moment: