Me, my love and… my menstrual cycle phases!

Me, my love and… my menstrual cycle phases!

Who said that talking about the menstrual cycle is only a topic for women?!!!

Believe me man, knowing about it could be very useful for you, especially when you have to deal with feelings (and you need a lot of bravery, I admit it!) and the emotional changes of your girlfriend or wife across the menstrual cycle… just a little survival guide!!!

Every month, inside a woman’s body a big show comes to life, “comedy” “romance” and “drama”, alternating each other…

Everything begins with the first day of menstruation…

– The protagonists of the first and second week are the estrogens and the testosterone, they suddenly arrive and increase day by day.

Estrogens bring as a welcome gift a state of positive thinking, good mood, relaxation and harmony; testosterone affects the limbic brain which is responsible for primary emotions as libido.

Maybe… I think… it’s time for comedy!

And what could you use as original soundtrack?!

During this period I like listening to soft chill lounge music as Latino Bar, a collection of two album by Agua del Mar and, I’m not a ballerina, but I love this album, Jazz Ballet Class Music, it makes me feel so good !!!

ADVICE FOR MEN: if there is something that has to be forgiven and you have to tell your girlfriend, or if you are organizing a weekend with some old friends, this is the right period to ask her, not the second one !!!

– The show must go on and so the third and fourth week arrive and the main character is the progesterone, meanwhile the estrogens leave the “stage” progressively.

This is the time for introspect and intuition, the progesterone encourages the need to retire (as the waning moon), we are more reflexive and more focused on our feelings and thoughts.

Especially during the premenstrual phase (fourth week), when estrogen is lowest and progesterone highest, we have to slow down, we need some relax time.

If we don’t take care of us, especially during these days, nervousness, irritability and mood swings can arrive.

Maybe… I think… it’s the time for drama…

To better face this period, take more time for yourself.

For example, I love having long hot bath when I come back home after a long day at work, and in this case, I like listening to instrumental piano bar music or a good new age music for relaxation.

ADVICE FOR MEN: take care of your beloved woman, make her feel like a princess and do whatever she wants, especially during this second period.

For her… and for you!

I don’t speak about ovulation phase… this is another story… the big love story …