Meditation for Beginners: a Mini-Guide

Meditation for Beginners: a Mini-Guide

There aren’t any specific meditation techniques for beginners, or breathing exercises to practice to reach the perfect state of meditation. It’s all a matter of little steps to walk a little at a time. Here’s a mini guide you can read if you need some tips to start your journey into your mind.

Meditation as part of your day

If you feel the need to start meditating, you also need to make it become an habit. So, to start having real benefits from meditation, you can begin your practice at the same time of your day, like a set date.

Comfortable place

Like a feng shui room, you need your personal space for meditation. Remove all the obstacles around you, like chairs or any lamp you have if you meditate in your living room, or other stuff that can’t allow you to feel free in your movements.

Start with your breathing

A lot of people who want to start with meditation, don’t know actually where to start. Well, it’s good to begin from the basic steps, that means: breathe. Inhale and exhale and focus your attention on what you’re doing. For example you can inhale for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 6 and then release all your tensions for 7.

Brain storming or quiet mind?

A lot of people worry about having a lot of thoughts when trying to meditate. It’s common to become distracted during your first meditations because it’s in the human mind to have a lot of thoughts. Meditation goal is not to have an empty mind, remember this, but to become aware of your thoughts and watch them from another perspective, so that anxieties and worries can’t overwhelm you.

Smile is good for your health

In every practice you do during the day, remember to smile. An honest smile will enhance your performances. In meditation, too.

Music can be a great help

Music is a great mood booster and motivational tool, especially if you live in a chaotic place, where meditation is often disturbed by outside noises. Creating the ideal meditation space is vital to help you move the first steps into this practice.

And if you need a teacher, but you don’t know where to start, guided meditation is the solution for you.

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