Mindful Breathing: Relieve Stress In A Few Minutes A Day

Mindful Breathing: Relieve Stress In A Few Minutes A Day

Mindful Breathing: Relieve Stress In A Few Minutes A Day

Your breath is a powerful tool with which you can heal your mind, body and soul. Discover how meditation breathing can help you relieve stress and anxiety!

Breath: one of the most simple, rudimentary actions we perform in order to stay alive. Its pace changes depending on our mood, on our physical and mental state. But the same can be said the other way around: by changing how we breathe, we can change ourselves. Mindful breathing aims to do this. Experience the huge health benefits of this practice, and find our more about it by reading this article!

Breath Awareness

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit down. Close your eyes, and keep your breath steady. Slowly, try and shift your awareness just to the way you inhale and exhale. This must be your focus. Does it feel good? Do you make noise while breathing? Use just a minute to take in all this information.

Slow Down

Continue your meditation breathing slower and slower each time. If you can, try and count the heartbeats in-between. You don’t need to be precise, just remember to focus all your attention on your breath. Don’t strain it, make it natural, peaceful and beautiful.



Let Out the Negativity

Now, you are at peace. Focus: with every time you inhale, you are taking in positivity. With every exhale, you are releasing negativity. Continue your mindful breathing to relieve stress for as long as you need it. This time is only for you to enjoy. When you feel you are ready to return, slowly open you eyes. Breathe in deeply one last time, and rise.

Guided Meditation

If you tried this exercise and found it difficult, try aiding yourself with a guided meditation to relieve stress. Follow what the words say, and try doing the same without it the next time around!

I hope you enjoyed this small exercise for anxiety and breath awareness. For more tips on a healthy lifestyle, please do consider visiting the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!