Mindful Homes: 7 Decorating Tips for Stress Reduction

Mindful Homes: 7 Decorating Tips for Stress Reduction

Mindful Homes: 7 Decorating Tips for Stress Reduction

Make your home a mini mindfulness retreat! Here are 7 simple tips to bring the zen in your everyday life.

Our home is a mirror to our soul: it manifests our mental state in a physical form. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and this is reflected on our body and livelihood. To be at peace with ourselves and with others, we must create peace around us. Having a living space that gives us a safe zone where to unwind promotes stress reduction, and overall makes us happier.

Here are 7 simple home decorating tips you can use to bring the mindfulness back in your life:

Buy Succulents

Facing a half-dead flower every month can be very sad. If you don’t have the time to tend to your plants every day, but still wish to have some greenery alive in your home, consider buying succulents. They are low maintenance, and help purifying the air.

Choose Calming Colors

Use color psychology to choose the vibe you wish to give to your home. Cool tones such as green and blue will promote tranquility or order. On the other hand, I would suggest to avoid throwing in too much red within your zen design home: it can evoke strong feelings such as anger or passion.

Use Wood and Earth Tones

Try choosing woody tones for your furniture. They create an alive, relaxed vibe to your home, other than creating a feeling that the space around you is larger than it actually is.

A Clean Nightstand

Try removing everything off the top of your nightstand. At max, keep a nice lamp, a book, and a bottle of water in case you wake up thirsty during the night. Never, never keep your cell phone on there while you sleep. You’ll be tempted to check news or social media, disrupting your rest.


Create your Sacred Space

Cut out a corner of your home, and make it your perfect spot for meditation or yoga. Ban all electronic devices from it, and supply it with large pillows, maybe a singing bowl and a small table with a scarf on top for decoration. Make this your sacred place where to relax – nothing necessarily religious about it, just a place where nobody can disturb you.

Have a look at this article to find out more ways to create a safe zone.

Add Some Candles

Remember to light a couple of tea lights in the evening for a touch of warm light. Set a curfew for when to turn off the TV and the internet, and establish a natural balance between daylight and darkness.


Essential Oils

Place an essential oil diffuser to help you relax. Lavender is a popular scent that promotes a healthy night; other favorites include lotus and mint. Choose a diffuser with a zen design to go with the theme used in the rest of your home.

I hope you will make treasure of these 7 simple mindful homes decorating tips. Let us know about your personal choice when it comes to house decoration in the comment section down below!

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