Minute Meditation: Get Your Daily Fix of Mindfulness Exercises in Just 60 Seconds

Minute Meditation: Get Your Daily Fix of Mindfulness Exercises in Just 60 Seconds

Life can be hectic, and our everyday tasks more time consuming than what we would believe them to be. I often reached the end of the day, laying in my bed, wondering how I spent the few hours that I had free. Taking some time to ourselves can be healing, but we are posed with one, big problem: the actual lack of time. Having enough time for a daily meditation is a luxury that many cannot afford; this is why you, together with Meditation Relax Club can try a minute meditation, or very rapid and effective mindfulness exercises, in its stead.

Minute Meditations (or micro meditations) are small and strong bursts of awareness that can help you face negativity and tackle unpleasant states of mind. They help us stay mindful and de-stress, and give us the power to face the rest of the day. They can be done after your morning tea, or while sitting at your desk at work in just a minute or less. Here are some examples of mindfulness exercises you can do in order to lead yourself into a happier state of mind.

Exhale Negativity

Belly breathing is extremely simple, and can be done laying up or sitting down. Rest one hand on your stomach, and the other on your chest. Start breathing slowly, and imagine that while you are inhaling you are pulling in positivity. When you are exhaling, you are pushing out negativity and releasing tension. Continue doing this slowly, and end when you feel like your dark thoughts have completely left you.

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Loving Kindness

The Metta Bhavana (or loving kindness meditation) is extremely sweet and fulfilling. Sit down, and loosen up with every deep breath you take. Start thinking about someone you truly love, and list down the qualities you like about them. Then, think about a person with which you are struggling to relate, but do it with neutral feelings. Wish them well, as you just did with the person you love. I adore this minute meditation, as it helps me become more accepting of people that I find difficult to relate with.

Body Scan

This daily meditation is done while standing up. Normally, a body scan meditation is done while lying down, but as we cannot do that while at the office, this version can be carried out in a bathroom stall or an empty room.
Loosen your feet, and start by focusing on the farthest point of your body. Gain full consciousness of your toes, your feet, your legs… Keep going until you have loosened and relaxed every part of your body. This will reenergize you and make you feel a lot of meditation benefits.

I hope you enjoy the meditation benefits of these fast exercises. May you find peace thanks to them, and may you be able to de-stress and make your life just a little bit more special.


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