#MondaySongs: Yogalates – Relaxing Music for Flow Yoga

#MondaySongs: Yogalates – Relaxing Music for Flow Yoga

Trying to become one of the best free music download sites of zen meditation music, we would like to post this free music mp3 download of Yogalates for our “Monday Songs” corner.

If you’re wondering what yogalates is, then you can find a full description in the following sentences.

Yogalates or Yogilates is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates, a whole section of exercises, created in 1997, you can practice with the entire body for strenght, flexibility and fitness.

All the classes usually last 75 minutes and include warm up and other exercises to train body and mind. These classes end with meditation and relaxation.

Now that you know Yogalates, let’s talk about the music you’re about to download. This relaxing instrumental music is the perfect combination of new age and piano music to relax the mind and to soothe the body during the yogalates class.

From the album “Yogalates – New Age Calming Peaceful Nature Sounds Music for Yoga Pilates, Yoga Classes & Pilates Exercises” (click on the title if you want to go to the iTunes store), this free mp3 music downlad is called “Relaxing Music for Flow Yoga (Sea)” by Yoga Teacher.

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Have fun and stay tuned!