#MondaySongs: Zen Music, Downloading Free Music

#MondaySongs: Zen Music, Downloading Free Music

When it’s time for loving kindness meditation, you will surely feel the need of downloading free music, that helps you to walk the path, maybe with a guided meditation.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t always easy, because focusing your mind on a specific point, concentrating all your energy in one direction is a hard thing. It’s in this moment that you require of a guidance. A voice, male or female or a music too, that helps you to redirect your thoughts on meditation.

Guided meditation is not only for beginners or group meditation, but it’s also a way to relax and free your mind, but most of all to concentrate only on the music and the words of the voice, make it familiar and let yourself go.

Today’s monday song is Zen Music, your free music downloads online, a soft music which goes to work on self esteem and vital energy in the personal moment of personal meditation.

You can easily download your free relaxation music from the SoundCloud link below:



If you liked this music and want more, I’m posting the album, too. A collection of meditative music and guided meditation (male and female) for different purposes, in particular for relaxation and cool down. → LOVING KINDNESS MEDITATION