#MondaySongs and Blue Monday: Download Relaxing Music Free of the Week – Sea Waves & Flute

#MondaySongs and Blue Monday: Download Relaxing Music Free of the Week – Sea Waves & Flute

Has been hard for you to wake up this morning? Are in a blue mood today? It’s not only Monday’s fault. Today is a particular day, because it’s Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year.

In the first years of 2000 Cliff Arnall, a psychologist from the University of Cardiff explained that the third Monday of January is the day where we feed extremely sad. According to a complicate equation, this sadness is determined by weather, Christmas debts, body shape after holidays and many others.

But the solutions are several to cheer yourself up: from wearing colorful clothes to working out, from eating something good and healthy to avoiding caffeine beverages and from being sociable to giving yourself some time to relax.

We can help you with this last point, giving you our #MondaySongs free mp3 to fight this “awful” Blue Monday. Download your free music from the link below. This song is called “Sea Waves & Flute” from the album Native American Flutes Relaxation.

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This mix of deep meditation music and nature sounds, in this case ocean waves sound, is perfect if you want to have a break and relax a little bit, closing your eyes and letting your mind wonder, without negative thoughts of worries of everyday life.

I hope this could be a relaxing experience for you and having a little patience we’re arriving to the happiest day of the year, which is around the 21st – 24th June, during summer solstice.