#MondaySongs: Download Free Relaxation Music of the Week – Sleep Music & TED Talk

#MondaySongs: Download Free Relaxation Music of the Week – Sleep Music & TED Talk

Feel free to download this relaxing music to help you sleep deeply, by clicking on the SoundCloud link below. Sleep music is a great tool as sleep aid because we all need to sleep. Even if we are too tired, even if we have to work or we have other things to do. Why? Let’s read below.

“We spend almost 32 years of our life sleeping.” Russel Foster, British neuroscientist, starts with this statement, his discussion on “one of his favourite subject”, sleep, on June 2003 at TED Global.

Sleep is a fundemental experience for our bodies and our minds, too, but most of the time we consider it our enemy, like a waste of time, because, as Foster says, it seems like we don’t do anything during our sleep. Wrong!

Some parts of our brain for example, are more active than while awake; during sleep we have to do with restoration and energy conservation, but most important, sleep helps us to elaborate information and find new solution, only thanks to a night of sleep.

Foster goes on giving us really interesting information about sleep, especially talking about the amout of hours wee need to sleep during our different age of our lives.

I wanted to post this video because I think it’s really interesting and gives us essential infos on our sleep using simple words. Sleep is very important for a healthy life. Relaxation is fundamental for people. We can give you a little help and it’s a relaxing song we created, which comes from a new album called Sleep Deeply. The song is “Natural Melodies”, a creation with music and nature sounds to help you relax and even sleep if you feel really tired.

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