#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music Download Mp3 of the Week – Mystic Journey Meditation

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music Download Mp3 of the Week – Mystic Journey Meditation

If you’re looking for a good motivation to start a meditation practice, then you’ll find several benefits of meditation, for your body and especially for your mind. Before starting your meditation session I’ll suggest you to do some yoga or some stretching.

Reduces Stress

Cortisol is the stress hormone, produced by our body when we’re living a stressful time. It can cause serious health problems if not cured. Meditation helps your mind to slow down, avoiding your mind to produce this hormone.

Lower Blood Pressure

During meditation, your body need a lower level of oxygen, so your heart can beat more slowly.

Better Skin

Cortisol is also responsible for wrinkles. Less stress, better skin!

Better Memory

Cortisol is your enemy and it can demage the hippocampus and impair learning. Meditation will help you increase your attention and focus.

Improved Immune System

Research has shown that meditation increases antibodies and helps fortify your immune system.

And the list is very long because meditation really has a lot of health benefits and it can only take you 10 minutes a day and nothing more.

If you want to begin your practice, start from the background to create your perfect meditation space, playing this deep meditative music we want to give you today on this #MondaySongs corner. The song is called “Mystic Journey” and comes from the album “Music from the 80s – Obscure New Age One Hit”, a mix of oldies in the new age music field.

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