#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music Downloads Mp3 of the Week – Meditation (Deep Relaxation)

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Music Downloads Mp3 of the Week – Meditation (Deep Relaxation)

When you need a natural help for sleeping you usually have a chamomile before going to bed, instead of drinking a dark espresso. Why? Because there are some herbs which allow your body and your mind to relax faster than others.

Chamomile is the first one, a cup of chamomile before bed is a classic ritual for adults, but also a great help for parents with their children who have sleep difficulties. It helps to calm your nerves and it promotes a restful and relaxing sleep.

Then comes the lavander, well known for its soothing effects. Great use of lavander is made for preparing natural creams for beauty care, but its efficancy can be found also in the essential oil, good for pain relief and for reducing anxiety.

Hawthorn is used to soothe emotional stress, to low blood pressure and to strenghten your cardiovascular system. It is correct to say that if you have a regular blood pressure, your mood will automatically draw benefits from it.

Adding these herbs to your relaxation routine will help you living a healthier life. Relax yourself with a cup of camomile before going to bed and play this music below in the background. You can also easily download it opening the SoundCloud link and listen to it everytime you need a hand to relax.

The song is called “Fire Meditation (Deep Relaxation)” from the album “Relaxation by the Sea” a collection of romantic and soothing guitar songs with nature sounds.

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