#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Relaxing Music of the Week – Inner Balance (Underwater)

#MondaySongs: Free Instrumental Relaxing Music of the Week – Inner Balance (Underwater)

The ocean, the sea, is filled with natural sounds, from marine life to the sound of rain and the waves. Even if our perception is different. We usually think of the underwater world as a silence universe and the most quiet place on earth.

Why do we have this sensation? Maybe to understand this question we need to be a fish. But it’s true that if we listen to the sound of waves crashing on the coast, or if we listen to the same waves but under the surface of the sea, we will obtain a relaxing feeling like a natural sleep machine.

It is combining these live recorded sounds with calming and slow music, that we created this soft melody we want to give you today on our #MondaySongs corner.

Perfect for yoga exercises, this free mp3 music download is called “Inner Balance (Harmonic Yoga)” from the album “Yoga Harmony Music” by Yoga Waheguru.

You can also listen to this track, and the other songs of the album, for relaxation, as sleeping music or as background music for spa and massage. Feel free to share this music with the people you love and we’re glad to read your comments on this article and on our social pages.