#MondaySongs: Free Meditation Background Music of the Week – Touch Therapy Meditations

#MondaySongs: Free Meditation Background Music of the Week – Touch Therapy Meditations

Touch Therapy or Therapeutic Touch, known as TT or non-contact therapeutic touch is a sort of psudoscientific therapy based on the energy that surrounds our body. Practitioners of TT are able to heal by placing their hands on the patient, detecting problems and manipulating his energy field in order to reduce pain or mind problems like anxiety. This sort of healing touch therapy requires a very important element: the power of the patient. Talking about the energy of the single subject, this energy needs to be guided in the direction of healing not only by the specialist, but also directly from the patient, into a form of placebo effect. If the patient really wants to heal, then his mind must have an important role in the process.

It is proven that also in the medicine field, healing is a matter of both doctor and patient, the same thing is with healing touch therapy.

Body energy can be manipulated by our minds, starting from the base of meditation and the power of leading our thoughts into one direction instead of letting them go wherever they want, disturbing our inner peace of mind, causing anxiety attacks or stress.

Moving the first steps in meditation isn’t easy for all of us. You can read this article to have some meditation tips to begin the practice. MINI GUIDE FOR MEDITATION BEGINNERS

If you want to begin to learn how to guide your mind and body energy, living a relaxing experience at the same time, you can download this free music from the Soundcloud link below and play it freely in your room. This meditation music is created with tibetan singing bowls and natural ocean sounds, perfect for spa relaxation and deep meditation. The track is called “Meditations (Mindfulness)” by Zen Music Garden and it’s in the album Touch Therapy, by Zen Music Garden featuring Reiki  Healing Music Ensemble.

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Click on the link above and visit our SoundCloud page. Listen to the song, click on download and add it to your playlist!

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