#MondaySongs: Free Meditation Instrumental Music of the Week – Positive Thinking

#MondaySongs: Free Meditation Instrumental Music of the Week – Positive Thinking

Health is contagious.” This is the theory of Doctor Christiane Northup, a midwife guested on the “Super Soul Sunday”, the famous Oprah Winfrey tv show. Positive thinking is essential in the process of medicament which brings to healing.

In particular, Dr. Northup affirms that being sorrounded by positive peolple, with positive energy, who are happy and with a healthy style is at the same time good for our life and it helps us to follow the same path.

Conversely, people who are anxious or unhappy, cut the energy and bring you down. In the field of medicine it is proven that energy boost is good both for physical and psychological healing.

The most inspiring example concerns people affected by tumor who need to find not only medicine, but also positive energy to heal from their disease. Same thing for physical training and healthy diet. Midwife Christiane Northup ends by saying that health is contagious, not diseases.

Relaxation and meditation are two hardly separable things and they both influence your life style, especially if you’re having a busy day. For finding positive thinking you sometimes just need to calm down, relax for a while and see the good in all your life, because good stuff is what really counts.

We give you this free relaxation music for today, to help you find this kind of relaxation and try to find out the good in every single moment.

The song is called “Japanese Meditation with Crystal Bowls” by Asian Zen Spa Music Meditation. Click on the SoundCloud link below and download your free mp3 file to listen to everytime you want or need.

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If you like this track, I suggest you to listen to the complete album and you can find it here: “Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Meditation Music