#MondaySongs: Free mp3 instrumental of the week.

#MondaySongs: Free mp3 instrumental of the week.

As summertime is so close, we begin to think about our summer holidays, we’re planning where to spend our vacation, if at the seaside, or in the mountains, in a city, with friends, with family, with your partner. I’m sure you’re thinking about it and you also start looking for some accomodation or transportation.

What relax me the most when I’m on holiday, is the sea, for sure. I love sunbathing, I love swimming, especially when the sea has a crystalline color, I also like walking in nature, so I try to choose a destination which combines the sea or the ocean and also little woods or forest, anywhere there are some paths to travel.

But I also know that I have to wait until August to go on holiday again, so for now I just dream.

What could be helpful for this? Well my music, of course! 😛

Our relax music free download of the week for our #MondaySongs column is “Sea Waves (Nature Music)“, which is also track n. 16 of the album with a Spanish title: “Mùsica Relajante New Age con Sonidos de la Naturaleza”, which means “New Age Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds”.

#MondaySongs provides you soft instrumental music free download every Monday from our huge collection of relaxing instrumental music.

As we are talking about the sea I propose to you this music with water sounds, live recorded, at the seaside. I have told you before that this kind of relaxing new age music is very versatile, in fact music can amplify you emotions you’re feeling in the moment you listen to it.

This piano music could be sad for many of you, but it could also be romantic and make you think about a special summer night on the beach. It could be relaxing and help you sleep, or it can be inspirational and let you imagine to be under the sun, on the gold sun, listening to the sound of sea waves.

I’m curious, what does this music make you think about?