#MondaySongs: Free Relaxation Music Download of the Week – Buddha Teachings

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxation Music Download of the Week – Buddha Teachings

Meditation has been proven to be good for both your mind and body and a perfect solution for anxiety and depression, but did you know that it can boost your brain power as well?

Meditating for 10-20 minutes each day produces significant cognitive benefits, improving concentration and memory.

Usually meditation is not easy for beginners, because focusing on one specific path couldn’t be so easy for your mind for the first times, that’s way meditation music and guided meditations exist. They can help you concentrate and free your mind from your negative thoughts or worries that don’t allow you to let go and relax.

Guided meditation help you follow step by step a journey inside your mind in many different ways, while relaxing meditation music guides you into the meditative mood and most of all influences your being, relaxing all your nerves.

New age music, lounge music, chillout and easy listening are all genres which can relax yourself because of the slow sounds and soft music. Every kind of music is perfect for relaxation, but not all types of songs help you meditate.

Today for our #MondaySongs corner we want to give this song called “Buddha Teachings” which is a mix of relaxing nature sounds, piano music and easy listening slow chillout music.

The music comes from the album “Buddha Teachings – Relaxing Sound & Slow New Age Music for Meditation,Yoga and Spa (2014)” by Meditation Music Dreaming, a collection of new age and instrumental music to help you with meditation, sleep and concentration.

Let me know if it works.