#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Background Music of the Week – Pause Cafè Jazz Music

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Background Music of the Week – Pause Cafè Jazz Music

Do you sometimes feel overworked? Are you feeling stressed and irritated with your boss or collegues with no specific reasons? I think you need a break!

It’s okay to take your mind off of work and do something you truly enjoy sometimes, but it’s also really important to have a break during the working day, because your mind needs it. If you’re having a crazy working day, it’s better if you have a little 5 minute-pause to clear your mind, to breathe and relax to restart your work with a refreshed mind.

You can have a coffee break, better if it’s a “decaffeinated” break, you can close your eyes for one minute or you can have a little walk in the room, if this is possible. Before you start any of your work again, give yourself some minutes to clear off your desk, so you’ll be able to concentrate better when your desk is orderly.

Don’t forget your lunch! Your body needs care, too, so remember to have a light lunch between noon and 2 pm, so to face to afternoon with new energy.

And what to do if your head feels really heavy and you can’t concentrate at all? Maybe it’s time for you to take a vacation day to recharge the batteries and look for new motivation!

What can we do then? We could give you some company with our music. Relaxation comes also from beautiful music and this is the case. You can easily download this instrumental jazz music clicking on the SoundCloud link below and then add it to your playlist, so you can play it everytime you want. The song is called “Nyc Cityline”, from the album “Pause Cafè” by Jazz Chillout. (Click on the title to see the complete album and listen to the preview)
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