#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Instrumental Music of the Week Bossa Nova

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Instrumental Music of the Week Bossa Nova

Time for your free mp3 instrumental of the week. For our #MondaySongs corner we chose “Blanco y Negro Lounge Music” and this is what happened…

I close my eyes and all I see is a lonely musician, playing his guitar, on a stage in a club on a starry night. He plays for a few people. He plays a solitary music, sad and emotional, full of words that were left unspoken, a relaxing music which hides an unhappy story.

Sometimes music speaks our own words without saying anything else. I want to say nothing more about this music.

Click on the link below and download your free copy. Then I’d like to know your emotions and feelings while listening to this music which is found inside a compilation of intrumental music and smooth jazz and bossa nova.

Of course you can use this calming music for relaxation, as study music or concentration music. It’s also so peaceful that it’s easy to relax and sleep because this soft music is capable of soothing the mind and the body.

I also think the whole album contains some sexy tracks with bossa nova music you can use during a special night with friends to create a lounge atmosphere alla round the room.

As I always say, music can express different feelings. It’s up on you to find out which one is yours.

Good listening! 🙂