#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Mp3 of the Week – Vital Energy Zen Relaxation

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Mp3 of the Week – Vital Energy Zen Relaxation

Before presenting you our #MondaySongs free mp3 of the week, just a few words to introduce you this relaxing songs.

Winter has almost gone and spring is ringing our bells with its sunny days, all the flowering trees and a new awakening of nature.

Our body and our mind need strength and energy to cross between these two seasons and many of us usually suffer from “spring syndrome” which makes you feel tired, with low blood pressure, high heart rate and a protract lethargic feeling.

In many situations, this suffering state can bring to anxiety attacks or, worst, to depression.

What to do then?

Don’t worry! Spring is a wonderful time of the year, not something that brings problems or negative thoughts. So why don’t you enjoy these longer and warmer days for talking some refreshing walks in nature? Or have a sit on a park bench watching the nature waking up all around you?

Have you ever considered the idea of adopting a paw friend? He/she can give you so much love and can be a good friend to spend the days with, taking care of him and helping him grow.

Remember meditation is also important to face this season in the most healthy way. Be guided by some music to induce you into a concentration state which helps you focus on your thinking. Try with this healing music called “Zen Relaxation with Nature Sounds” from the new album: “Vital Energy”, a collection of meditation music for positive energy to enhance the mood, your vital force and, why not, also your lifestyle.

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-5 to Spring and the countdown has started. Stay tuned to read about more news and healthy tips to face this season with positive thinking, not wasting the great variety of possibilities it brings with itself.