#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Music Download Mp3 of the Week – Classical Piano Music to Sleep

#MondaySongs: Free Relaxing Music Download Mp3 of the Week – Classical Piano Music to Sleep

Getting a better sleep tonight would be easier after you’ve read this. It’s really hot in these days and sleeping at night is becoming harder and harder, unless you spend the night with the constant air conditioning.

If you pay attention to just a few little things before going to bed, you can surely spend all night sleeping like a baby.

1: Drink some herbal tea before bedtime, it will relax all your muscles, so you can avoid to go to bed with any tension.

2: Read a book: reading has several benefits, from helping you learn how your language works, to power down your hectic day.

3: Turn off your devices: the light of your mobile phone or iPad tricks your mind and makes it think it’s daylight, so it could be harder to fall asleep. Turn off them 30 minutes before going to bed.

4: Take a warm shower: having a warm shower can soothe your muscles and your body will release all the tensions accumulated during the day.

5: Do yoga: besides the stress-releasing stretch, yoga helps relax the mind

6: Coffee break in the afternoon? Not a good idea, you know the results of caffeine on your body, better than anyone else.

7: Meditate: clear your mind before going to bed. How? Simple… with meditation!

And if this is not enough why don’t you play some background music to calm down and finally feel de-stressed?

Here it’s what you need! Today’s free mp3 is called “Deep Sleep Classical Music” and it’s a piano music composition, relaxing and soothing. This gentle track comes from the album “PIANO MUSIC TO SLEEP”, a beautiful collection of relaxing sleep music and classical piano music to help you sleep and fight insomnia and bad dreams.

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