#MondaySongs: Free relaxing music downloads of the week – "Summer Chill"

#MondaySongs: Free relaxing music downloads of the week – "Summer Chill"

5 Things that make you feel better (Also listening to free soothing instrumental music)

When we feel down, we simply need something, some motivations, to feel better again, in a short time, too. Sometimes we’re too lazy even to do the simplest things that cheer us up or maybe we don’t know that the easiest things are the ones that help us feel better.

Here’s 5 things we can do to smile again when we have a bad day.

Tidy up our bedroom of childhood or old toy boxes

Even if it seems to be a boring job, once you meet again your old teddy bear, or your doll, or your little train, you immediately feel yourself calmer and more relaxed, because your mind is thinking about the time you spent playing with your toys in your childhood.

Watch a sit-com episode

Nowadays there are specific channels that broadcast tv series and hilarious situation commedies. These in particular last only 20 minutes per episode and have funny sketches which help you spend some minutes away from daily thoughts and tear a smile.

Visit your local cafè

Alone or in good company, having a break with a tea or a cappuccino at the nearest cafè, is like a little hug you’re doing to yourself and a good moment to distract your mind enjoying your morning or afternoon.

Go out for a walk

Blue mood can be swept away… walking. Don’t be lazy, stand up and walk, see the outside world, because the singing birds can make you happy, the sunset on the beach is the perfect happy moment and the first evening lights on a picturesque square create a happy magic that warm your heart.

Listen to some music

Medicine heals the body, but music heals the soul“. Nothing is better than good music to relax, to calm down and to feel better again. We provide you this last thing. Click on the link below and download your free mp3 called “Summer Chill”, from the album “Coffee House Music” by Cafe Les Costes Club Dj Chillout.

I hope you can try to follow these tips and have your relaxation with our music. Let me know if it works!