#MondaySongs: Free soothing music download of the week – Naturescapes

#MondaySongs: Free soothing music download of the week – Naturescapes

“Meditation… Sky above, Earth below, Peace within”

A short update to say thank you to all visitors on our website, which yesterday reached more than 1200 visits, and all the followers of our Youtube channels and social pages. Our world couldn’t be how it is without your company and passion. You are a great community.

Today on our #MondaySongs column we want to give you another song from our repertory made of soothing sounds and relaxing music.

“Background Songs (Soothing Bells and Bird Chirping)” is today’s new single, easy to download.

This track comes from the album:

Sound of Silence – Naturescapes Serenity Peaceful Songs, Soothing Music, Nature Relaxation & Mindfulness Meditation Songs by Naturescapes for Mindfulness Meditation.

It mixes new age meditation music with nature sounds like bird singing in nature.

Download this free music file is easy: click on the link above and join our SoundCloud page. On the presentation of the music you can listen to it, download it, share it and leave a comment, which is really appreciate.

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