#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Music Mp3 of the Week – Zen Yoga Music

#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Music Mp3 of the Week – Zen Yoga Music

#MondaySongs: Free Soothing Music Mp3 of the Week – Zen Yoga Music

Whatever you do, do it well!

This is the easiest zen and yoga sentence you can hear, according to the principle that yoga art and zen can both shake their hands. Using zen in yoga exercises doesn’t require a particular knowledge of zen discipline, but paying attention of what you do while doing yoga, or while meditating means that you’re using zen in your activities. Most important, you can find zen in you daily life, without being a spiritual or mystical person. You can also meditate when you’re eating, of course not with many people around the table, but if it happens to have lunch or dinner by yourself, you can choose to transform that time in a sort of meditation, paying attention to different flavours, the way you use your fork and knife, or chopsticks, the colours in your plate and things like that, avoiding any other outer distraction.

In simplicity are the truest things

your-calm-mind-is-the-ultimate-weapon-against-your-challenges-so-relaxZen is your actions, not in the words you use to explain it. The close connection between yoga and zen means that you chose to practice a single action during the day, not allowing differents thoughts to take over you, not giving the way to anxieties or worries of your life, but simply focusing on the present moment, on the action you’re doing right now, to the simple breathing meditation to a sun salutation yoga session. We are all looking for harmony and peace in our life, but when we experience anxiety, depression or tensions, we’re are sending these feelings not only to our mind, but also to other people around us, spreading a sort of unhappiness and sadness for life. Zen is, first of all, living in peace with ourselves.

When distractions is easy

Or better, when music is vital to leave what is unnecessary out of your mind. Paying attention to your authentic self is something difficult to reach for many of us. When we start meditating, we need a little help that keeps our attention on what we’re doing, without falling in temptations to follow every single noise we hear in the room, it’s a little bit like reading an exciting book. That’s why meditation music can be an effective solution for you to focus. You can try with this for example: “Soundscapes (Water Drops)” by Swami Drishti Tratakauram from the album Zen Spirit Om Shanti. This is the kind of slow soothing music with water sounds you can play to focus on your meditation and on your life.

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Zen brings you into a state of harmony, to the attention for your own authentic SELF, to the respect for your body and spirit/soul, following the rythm of your breathing and heartbeat. Yoga is connected to this philosophy, it’s a way of living, of healthy living in the present moment, bringing you into a state of deep inner peace.