#MondaySongs: Instrumental Background Music Free Download of the Week – Mindfulness Exercises

#MondaySongs: Instrumental Background Music Free Download of the Week – Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises – Free Mp3

It’s not easy at all to stop the constant stream of mental activity we produce, which is so intense to distract us from several activities during the day. Sometimes relaxation is a hard matter when we are so stressed that we can’t stop thinking about all the stuff we have to do during the day. It happens that many times we are so worried about all the books we have to study that we can’t concentrate at all to start learning from the beginning. Or we risk to lose our train of thoughts if we are too busy thinking about many other things.

Sometimes we just need to stop and rest for a moment.


Sometimes we just need some mindfulness exercises to recharge the batteries for the whole day.

You can do this in 5 minutes, or less. How? Stop where you are, sit comfortably on a chair, close your eyes and put the palms of your hand on your knees. Then start breathing deeply. Focus on your breaths as you inhale and exhale. Do it really slowly so you’ll have the time to concentrate on how you feel while doing it. Feel the air going into your nose and as you breathe, you progressively relax all the muscles of your body, from the head to the toes, your arms and your legs. And as you exhale feel all the worries and stress of your daily life immediately leaving your body and your head. Concentrate as much as you can on your sensations.


This little moment is like a short mindfulness meditation you can also do at work, or when you arrive at home after a long working day. Help yourself with this music you can quickly download from the link below. Meditation music is usually really helpful to concentrate on breathing exercises while practicing mindfulness.

The song is called “Polar Wind (Sound Therapy)” and it’s in the album “Atmospheres” by Serenity Spa Music Relaxation. This song is a relaxing piano music with nature sound of wind and it’s great to induce you into a relaxation state to help you with concentration and meditation.

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This music is 4.36 minutes long and it represents the perfect time for a short meditation during a working break. If you are lucky to have a little garden near your working place or a terrace, go out for a while and breathe the oxygen nature can provide you, play this music on your mobile device using headphones and repeat the exercises above.

When life is always in a rush, 5 minutes of your time to relax are a precious gift you must do to yourself.