#MondaySongs: Relax music free download of the week – Healing Water Music

#MondaySongs: Relax music free download of the week – Healing Water Music

What is your favourite moment of the day? Mine is the twilight. The moment when the sun go down and the first lights of the evening turn on. People go home from work, many of us stop at a bar for a happy hour, the shops close and the traffic diminishes. There is a particular square I really love in my city during this moment of the day and sometimes I like sitting on a bench and watch the world.

I think it’s the moment I can have for myself during my working day, maybe it’s just for 10 minutes, but nobody can take this moment away from me. Do you ever think of this question? What is your favourite moment of the day…? Before introducing you the free mp3 of the week, I like writing these short paragraphs with my reflection, simple questions I think, but even the most busy person on earth has a heart and a mind where poetry takes place.

And now let’s talk about music!

Musique Zen Garden created this new french album called “Musique Zen”, which collects 50 new age meditation and relaxing tracks, perfect for a moment of relaxation. The song we want to give you today is track n. 22 “Healing Water Music”, soothing music with natural water sounds.

Meditation is something everyone can experience, in group or alone, and it’s extremely good for your health both of body and mind. It really helps you to relax and avoid negative feelings and emotions.

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