#MondaySongs: Relax Music Free of the Week – Piano Music to Study (& Vibrations on Life)

#MondaySongs: Relax Music Free of the Week – Piano Music to Study (& Vibrations on Life)

Concentration and mind power requires a particular state of mind for studying and learning. Even if it sounds a little bit strange, studying needs your relaxation and peace of mind, otherwise you risk to read your books without undestanding what’s on them. If you need to recreate a specific environment for your study session, we can provide you with the meditation music you need to completely immerse yourself in your studying.

Today we would like to give you some specific instrumental music to slow down all external thoughts and to focus on your learning. The free mp3 you can freely download from the SoundCloud link below is called “Music Therapy for the Mind”, which mixes relaxing piano music with new age meditation music.

Feel free to listen to the preview of the complete album, clicking on the title THE BEST PIANO MUSIC TO STUDY. This album is a collection of solo piano music and meditative instrumental tracks to help you concentrate and stimulate your brain for studying.

I’d also like to remind you just 5 steps to raise your vibrations every day:

  1. Meditate for 15 minutes
  2. Go outside and appreciate out loud
  3. List as many positive aspects as you can of 5 areas of your life
  4. Eat vegetables at least once a day
  5. Stand outside with gratitude and think of where you are now, the people you are with and what you’re doing every day.


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