#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Download Free of the Week – Nature Music

#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Download Free of the Week – Nature Music

You are entering a stress free zone…

If you want to create your personal zen space, the first thing to remember is that it’s all about semplicity. If you’re lucky to have a little garden, this is the occasion to do some changes and create a zen garden. Stones, little fountains, geometry, perfect sounds and lights are all good stuff to remember when you want to create your private heaven corner. Water is essential for a zen garden because it represents peace and the sound of flowing waters is relaxing and zen. That’s why even in a small garden it is vital to have a little pond, or a fountain.

Feng Shui is the art to choose if you need to create your personal zen space inside your home. Some zen rules need to be respected if you want that peace and calm enter in your lifestyle:

–       Do one thing at a time

–       Do it slowly (move the object and forniture with slowness around the room)

–       Put space between things

–       Use candle light instead of electric light for relaxation or meditation (it’s more natural)

–       Make cleaning and cooking become a meditation

–       If you live in the city, play some relaxing instrumental music in the background (nature sounds are perfect to slow down and let your busy life behind for some moments of relaxation)

Listen to this advice and if you need some relaxation music you can use this: “Nature Music (Buddhist Meditation)” by Zen Music Garden, from the album Yoga Space Zen Music.

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Use the song to recreate a relaxation space where you can feel completely relaxed and in peace with yourself. Slow down doesn’t mean losing time, because our body and our mind need time to recharge, maybe sleeping, too.