#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download of the Week – Zen Buddhist Meditation Music

#MondaySongs: Relaxation Music Free Download of the Week – Zen Buddhist Meditation Music

It’s time for a Monday song! Find out our new free instrumental mp3 to download with relaxing zen music! Today let’s talk about… Meditation! Nothing can be better than music to help you concentrate and try meditation for the first time!

If you don’t have experience with meditation, you can start now by reading this recent post “The First-Timers Guide to Meditation”, which explains the first steps to do for meditating and which are the benefits of this practice with some motivational quotes and a useful playlist to use as background music. But if you need something to relax right now, but at the same time help you introduce you into your own world of the mind, you’re welcome to download this free mp3 of the week.

The song we suggest you today is called “Zen Buddhist Meditation Music” from the album TIBETAN MUSIC FOR ZEN MEDITATION and it’s a mystical tune with tibetan singing bells and animal sounds of nature to help you relax, concentrate and let go of bad thoughts and anxieties.

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If you’re interested in listening to the complete album, then you’ll like to know that it contains 25 new age songs with different zen instruments, from koto to shakuhachi flute and hang drum to give you the chance to relax not only the mind, but all the muscles of the body and finally find peace within yourself.