#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Download Free Mp3 of the Week – Why Do We Need Sleep?

#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Download Free Mp3 of the Week – Why Do We Need Sleep?

Have you ever fallen asleep during the day in some places you have never expected to? Are you nervous most of the time? Do you suffer from lapsing? Do you know what lapsing is?

If you feel guilty about these questions maybe you should know there are some typical signs that proves that you should sleep more.

Pen and feet. If you keep clicking your pen or stamping your feet, because of too much caffeine that makes you feel restless and agitated, your brain is trying to keep you awake and most of all it’s trying to communicate to you that you need some rest.

Lapsing. Sometimes some parts of your brain decide to take a little nap without letting you know. When you are tired, your brain zones which control attention and reaction times need to take some “breaks” to process information. These breaks can last just a few seconds or you may also not even notice them. If you want to know if you suffer from lapsing you can sit in a dark room for five minutes, holding a pencil in your hand. If the pencil falls down to the ground then maybe you need to make your brain rest.

Coordination and psychomotor skills. If you have trouble to maintain balance and to be coordinate, maybe one more time your brain is telling you to go to sleep. A study of 1997 proved that a person who doesn’t sleep for one night has the same coordination skills than a person who has alcohol in his blood equal to 0,1%, legally cosidered intoxicated.

Carbohydrates? Yes please! Just one night without sleeping and your body makes you think you need easy energy. When you don’t sleep at night your body release a sensation of lack of appetite, but at the same time you need to eat something, better if it’s junk food. It is proven that having breakfast within an hour from your awakening helps you to stay alert during the day, so yes to carbohydrates, but the right ones.

What to do if you can’t relax and sleep. We are not doctors, but we’re trying to do our best, so we suggest to try with relaxation music.

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You can easily download this free mp3 from our SoundCloud page and listen to it everytime your want. The song is called Luxury Spa (Instrumental Songs) from the album “Irish Spa, Vol. 2” by Spa Music Spa. It has been created to relax your mind and body and to give you the sensation to be in a spa and be pampered. Once your body and mind are relaxed, then it will be easier to fall asleep and rest. Remember that you need to sleep at least 6 hours per night to face the day in the most healthy and active way.