#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Reading Music

#MondaySongs: Relaxing Music Free Download Mp3 of the Week – Reading Music

Reading is maybe the best and easy way to reduce stress and relax at the same time. More than meditating or going outside for a walk.

A good book is always the best solution when you are too stressed to work or study or anything else. Why? Because it immediately takes you inside the story, inside a world which isn’t yours and with new characters.

According to a study at the University of Sussex, reading decreases heartbeat, helps you ease tension in your muscles and induce both body and mind to “digest” a stressful situation.

I love sitting on a comfortable sofa and reading a book I like, especially if I have a background music playing from my iPhone a gentle instrumental music which helps me focus on what I’m reading.

The music you can download for free from the link below suits perfectly if you want to have a soft music all around while you’re finding some time for yourself reading a book.

It is called “Secret Lover (Sound Therapy)” from the album “Tea Time Reading Music”.

The piano music you’re listening will help you relax and find that complete peace you’re looking for.

I hope you enjoy it

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