#MondaySongs: Thought Evolution

#MondaySongs: Thought Evolution

#MondaySongs: Thought Evolution

Today’s Song is called Thought Evolution and you can find it in the album 1 Hour of Relaxing Wildlife – Relaxing Music Nature Birds for Yoga Exercices and Meditation Practice.

While you listen to the song with the player down below, try this little meditation exercise: close your eyes and imagine being in a soothing natural forest, surrounded by peaceful animals and green plants, maybe also a stream of fresh water. Let the voices of the birds and the wildlife calm your mind, knowing that you are safe.

Feel the harmony and serenity of nature, the touch of the wind, the sound of water, the calmness of the trees around you.

Breathe gently and slowly and open your eyes whenever you are ready. Feel more relaxed?

If just for one moment, do this everyday, and remember how blissful you can feel just by listening to the right sounds and focusing on positive thoughts.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful, relaxing week!