#MondaySongs: Zen Background Music Free MP3 of the Week – Feng Shui

#MondaySongs: Zen Background Music Free MP3 of the Week – Feng Shui

#MondaySongs: Zen Background Music Free MP3 of the Week – Feng Shui

Harmony and peace lead to a healthy way of living. This could be considered a mantra for FENG SHUI, the oriental art of redecorating your home in order to create a peaceful place where to live in. Feng shui pays attention to the energetic and magnetic fields of your forniture for a pleasant and comfortable space inside your rooms, to help you live in wellness and prosperity. Before giving you our new free mp3 of the week, these are 5 tips to help you make your house the perfect place to live, enjoying your relaxing moments with the ones you love.


First feng shui rule: order. Get rid of the unnecessary and disorder to be in peace with the space you are living in to create a comfy place for the well-being of your domestic life.

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The colors you choose for the walls are significant for your relax and peace of mind. Blue and green are perfect for bedrooms, because they promote good sleep and rest; red and orange are the colors for the living room for a chit chat with your best friends, while yellow is really good for the kitchen, because it wakes you up in the morning while having breakfast.

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Garden and plants in the house

Take care of your garden because it helps you with positive thinking. Having plants around the house (not in your bedroom) increases the amount of oxygen in the air during the day and makes you feel like you’re in a zen garden.

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Sunlight can be regenerating, so during the day let it in, open your windows and curtains and let the light fill your house. If you live on a busy road, protect your house with light curtains with bright colors.

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Calming songs are just means to create a calming atmosphere at you house, so when you need to relax, music like this is perfect get you in the mood for a little nap

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This song is called “World Music” and it comes from the album “Feng Shui Zen Music” a collection of the best soothing music for sleep, meditation, relaxation, study and peace. Feel free to donwload this background new age song, then click on the title of the album to listen to the complete preview on iTunes.