Mozart Effect: How to Make a Genius Baby with the right Pregnancy Music

Mozart Effect: How to Make a Genius Baby with the right Pregnancy Music

Ever heard of the Mozart Effect? Some people claim that exposing your child to Mozart during early life will turn him in a smart baby. Truth or myth?

Starting off, what is the Mozart Effect, and where was it born? It was born not too long ago from a series of studies based on the belief that listening to Mozart would make you smarter. It’s an effect that is not only limited to children, but influences adults as well. According to what some people said, listening to Mozart would increase your IQ but also benefit your health and well being.

The effect was popularized during the 90s when researches proved that children did actually score better in some areas of their IQ tests while listening to classical music. “Mozart for babies” became the new fad: to get a smart baby, he would have to listen to classical music as soon as he became capable to hear it. Some parents have brought this to the next level, and make use of music during pregnancy that soothes both the mother and the fetus.

But does pregnancy music really make a genius baby? Chances are that if you are the type of parent that worries about their child becoming smart, then you will probably affect their education enough to make them smarter than the average person! After that, it’s all up to them.

Enjoy some soothing pregnancy music in the meantime, slow down your heartbeat and make your baby feel safe.