My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 1

My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 1

Hi, my name is Annalisa and I’m going to share with you few Yoga Asanas that might be very useful to ease your pain and all bad feelings.

So, come with me in these 5 days and take time to relax, time for yourself…we all need to…and deserve it.

The benefits of Yoga for our health are huge. Yoga can release stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, increase strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and energy.


Today we’re talking about migraine headache and of course the headache remedies.
I’m sure we all share these awful feelings!

Find time to rest and in a quiet place, switch off your phone and turn on a soft light.
Sit on the floor, on your knees, legs a little opened, take a pillow and put it in front of you.
Bend forward and lay your head on the pillow.
Your eyes are closed, breathe deeply and try to relax your neck, your shoulders and your back.
Stay in this posture as much as you can.
If you feel pain on your knees, take another pillow to put under your buttocks.
And remember…the best thing to do for pain relief is breathing!