My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 4

My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 4

Here I am again.

I hope you’ve spent a good weekend.

Today I’ll teach you 3 yoga poses to reduce stress levels.


The practice of  Yoga can really help you to reduce your stress levels, it works on tense muscles and encourages blood circulation, giving you a better mood and help you relax.

1. Child’s Pose

On your knees – a little wide to begin and then closed – sit on your heels, bend your torso to the floor and relax your arms by your side…stay there for 2 minutes and keep breathing.

2.  Downward Facing Dog Pose

From Child’s Pose, extend your arms in front of you, then curl your toes under and lift your hips up. At the beginning you don’t need to extend your legs very quickly.

Breathe and then extend your legs and press your heels to the floor, if you can.

Hold on the posture for few minutes…always breathing.

3.  Savasana

This is of course the most relaxing yoga pose.

Lay on the mat, hands palms up, close your eyes.

Of coarse you should switch off your phone, find a comfortable space and tell everybody do not disturb you.

For the first 15 minutes of relaxation your mind might obviously go from a thought to another, but later on you’ll get more relaxed and less attached to everyday life and problems; your blood pressure will drop and you’ll achieve a progressive muscle relaxation. I suggest you to use a blanket to warm you, because when the blood pressure lowers you feel colder and colder.

Don’t bother if you don’t feel your mind free from thoughts, it’s quite normal the first time and whenever you are particularly stressed.

You’ll become more and more at ease with this practice…I promise.

Smile, Breathe and Relax…

I let you with this YOGA MUSIC that can help you doing your relaxing yoga exercises.




  1. Tony

    Annalisa, will you be putting up any further yoga videos up on Youtube? I found them helpful when I went to yoga, I felt like I felt I knew what I was doing a bit more at the gym. I notice that the older ones disappeared off of Youtube. What happened?

    Thank you for your time,

    • RLion

      Hi Tony,
      We’re preparing a Youtube Channel, all dedicated to our Fitness Coach Annalisa with more yoga and Pilates videos, related to this blog, too, with news and healthy tips. Follow us on Facebook so you can always be update about the news!
      Thank you Tony and have a relaxing day!

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