My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 5

My Healthy Tips: Yoga Poses for 5 Common Diseases – Lesson 5

Ciao, this is our last lesson together for now.

Today I’m giving you some Yoga and Stretching Exercises for your back, neck and legs.

You need to find some time for you, breathe, relax and get in connection with your body.

Take your mat and, after a good warm up, we’ll get together to a progressive muscle relaxation.

This stretching routine will become part of your everyday activities.


First of all remember that breathing is the best relaxing and stretching activity!

  1. Now, sit on the mat, legs crossed, use a pillow or any other support if you need for a more comfortable position.Inhale and lift your arms up, exhale and lower…repeat several times.
  2. Then, as you inhale, lift your right arm above your head – as in the picture – and, exhaling, bend your torso and head to the left. Inhale and exhale to come back. Repeat to the other side (3/4 reps).
  3. Inhale and lift both arms above your head; exhale and lower them, curl your spine and roll down to your legs. Hold the position for a while and breathe. You can feel a good stretch on your back and hips. After few breaths, roll up.
  4. Do some head semi-rotation – never go backward – just chin to the chest and slowly to the right and chest and left. Very slowly and stay in the position if you feel the need.
  5. Hamstring stretch. Lay on the mat: back, head and shoulders relaxed. Bend and lift one leg holding the hamstring – the back of your leg – breathe and hold the position for few seconds. You can bend your other leg or use a belt or a scald to help you. Do it to the other side.

Well…I hope you liked my lessons.

‘Till the next time.

Stay healthy…kiss