Need some ways to relieve stress? 4 Elements that talk to you

Need some ways to relieve stress? 4 Elements that talk to you

Yesterday I came back home after a long day at work, finally some time for me, my sofa, a cup of tea and relaxing music for my mind, my body and my soul.

I chose to listen to this album “Soundscapes: Nature Sounds, Relaxation & Sleep, Wellness from Nature“, a compilation of pure sounds of nature … believe me, really healing sounds!

This is fascinating because they exist and live with us since the mists of time.

I was listening to them… and I began to think what kind of feelings and moods they can express for me

WATER… oh water… it’s life, relaxation, it’s magic!

Sea waves and sounds of the ocean convey quiet, emotional stability, confidence, the wave withdraws but never lets you down because it always comes back…

I love listening to the “sea song” in my relax time, at home or during a relaxing massage but I also love it as sleep music, yes… Sea waves are really relaxing sleeping sounds.

Running water, like a mountain creek or a river, represents relaxation and stress management for me.

Water runs and with it, my negative thoughts and problems, too.

And what about the underwater world? According to me, it’s like a journey through peace of mind, relaxation meditation, a really stress free world where silence, also if it’s not absolut, brings me away from anxiety, stress and the chaotic noise of the city.

And now EARTH… mountain sound, the countryside with its dwellers.

I mostly love bird sounds, they remind me fresh air, the gentle breeze in my hair, the sun heat on my face… so the soothing sounds of birds symbolize serenity, harmony, joy and happiness.

But when it’s time for bed, crickets keep me company, their sound is my best sleep aid.

They are the characters of a party night … and I, of a sweet and gold dream.

Last but not least, the sounds of nature hidden in the AIR… When I’m at home (on my sofa of course! I didn’t move in the meanwhile because I feel so relaxed) I really like the thunder sound, it gives me a sense of warmth, protection and it reminds me how important is to have our nest, for all of us .

Many others are the sounds of nature that we can listen and enjoy everyday, like the FIRE for example, and all of them are for me the most relaxing music we have.

These are just my thoughts during this listening time.

I’m also posting a video with nature sounds so you can experience the sensations I felt or you can tell me yours.

What do you think? What kind of feelings and moods have they on you?



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