New Years Eve Event: 6 traditions you won't miss

New Years Eve Event: 6 traditions you won't miss

The world is full of new years eve events and party ideas following different traditions waiting for the new years eve countdown. The things to do on new years eve are a lot and each of these has its own meaning. The hope is that if we put together all these superstitious rites, the new year is going to be happier and luckier than 2013.

The list of the rituals on new years eve is endless, but I’m trying to collect some of the most famous and well-know in the world. What’s the most familiar for you?

Wearing something red

Usually underwear for men or sexy lingerie for women, fashion and fortune mean red on New Years Eve. That’s way you have to remember to wear something red during this night.

Eating lentils

Legumes have great nutritional value. So, eating lentils during new years eve dinner means hoping for abundance and richness for the new year, which is about to start.


A great midnight show are fireworks, in every place, in every city, with different scenarios, like the Tour Eiffel, Times Square in New York, The Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. The tradition to have fireworks during the new years eve events means the will to drive away evil spirits that appears between the old year that goes away and the new year that arrives.

Kissing under the misteltoe

The sweetest tradition ever. If you kiss someone under this ancient plant you will have love all year round.

Throwing away old stuff

With the new year you have to move on, that’s why you have to let behind al the stuff that makes you feel in a bad mood, that causes you negative thoughts and sadness and let the new get in.

Eating 12 grapes

Like in Spain you have “las doce uvas”, when you start the new years eve countdown, you have to eat one grape at a time ‘till the new year comes.

You don’t have to be obsessed with all these traditions, but it’s funny to spend only one night during the year paying attention to all these superstitious rites. On New Years Eve positivity means wearing, eating, touching or looking at something. Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, this year could be your first chance to help your luck for the next 2014.

Have fun tonight and… see you next year!