Nomophobia: A Strange Digital Addiction

Nomophobia: A Strange Digital Addiction

What is nomophobia? This new and peculiar digital phobia could be affecting you, and you might not be aware of it.

Nomophobia is a recently created term that indicates the fear of being disconnected from the web and being without a cell phone. According to David Greenfield, psychiatry professor at Connecticut university, cell phone addiction is true and real. A recent study of his has proven that around 53% of cell phone users in Great Britain tend to show anxiety and stressful behavior when they lose their device or their battery dies out.
Greenfield commented the results stating that being this much stressed over the fear of not being able to be in contact with the rest of the world is born from the strange need we harbor for our devices.

This digital addiction was born in recent years, and has taken the name of nomophobia (the fear of being out of mobile contact).

This new strange addiction interferes with the production of dopamine in our brain, making us feel satisfaction when we should not. For example, when we get a text we get a rush of dopamine and excitement, as we believe that we have been involved with something or someone is calling us. Our brain gratifies us, and after some time we are continually checking for notices. This mechanism can be compared to what goes on in the brain of a person addicted to gambling, that plays constantly with the hope of winning a lot of money, even if there is no certainty that he will ultimately win. We check our phone in the hope of something good happening to us.

When this is taken away from us, we suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and we feel the need to get back to the security of our internet connection. Do you feel the same way and believe you have such  a strange cell phone addiction?

If you believe you do, try getting away from your phone for a couple of hours each day. Lay back, relax and meditate with some our songs. Find your equilibrium with these relaxing sounds of nature!