Office Background -The Best Music To Work

Office Background -The Best Music To Work

You might be sitting in front of your computer, with your headphones on, looking for the right soundtrack to get your work done. Here are some tips to find the best office background music.

Accessing your own playlist while doing an office job is extremely simple, and is often encouraged. Some of us tune our music out to co-workers, creating a more pleasant and relaxing working environment. However, not all songs are created equal, and some affect us in more positive ways than other do. How should you choose your office background music in order to maximize productivity and the quality of what you create? Here are some of my personal favorites.

For A Cognitive Boost

As you put your headphones on and start the music, you are sending impulses that affect your brain. As different sequences and rhythms play, you are affected in different ways. It depends on how much you know the tune, if you like it, if its happy or sad, or weather it has lyrics or not. Some tasks are repetitive, and require higher focus but lower levels of cognition. In these cases, you should use upbeat and happy tunes.

However, remember that listening to music means that you are multitasking. If you are performing a job that needs a lot of concentration, be aware that lyrics require cognitive resources, and that you should avoid music to work to that has many words. Here is an example of stress relief music to listen for a cognitive boost.

To Stay Energized

The good about listening music at work is that it helps you feel energized and picks you up. A more upbeat rhythm will improve your mood and productivity; try listening to the songs in this album! (Click on the cover below to open the album and listen to the preview)

office music

To Be More Creative

For some, work is all about creativity. In these cases, hitting the random button will do the trick! Your brain thrives at the arrival of unexpected information, and you will enjoy its positive effects. Try listening some relaxing sounds of nature music: I personally suggest trying out this playlist.