Office Yoga Tips: 6 Yoga Techniques You Can Do While Sitting At Your Office Desk

Office Yoga Tips: 6 Yoga Techniques You Can Do While Sitting At Your Office Desk

Long office hours can be tolling on your body and your mind. Use these office yoga techniques and music for relaxation to recharge during your break!

Sitting at a desk for hours is not beneficial to your body. If you do not have the chance to get up and walk around, follow these office yoga tips. You can carry out these exercises even while sitting at your chair; during this routine, you must never stand! Make sure to play some music for relaxation in the background while doing it to fully enjoy it.

Forward Bend

Start with a back stretching exercise. Bend your body and try reaching your toes. Do not bend your back when doing this; try keeping it as straight as possible.

Spiral Twist

Get back up, and gently start rotating your upper body from left to right and vice versa. Keep in position for a few seconds using your arm, folding it behind the chair.

Side Stretch

Open your arms in a T position and sit up straight. Without moving them and always facing forwards, try getting as close to the ground as possible with your hands.

Knee Squeeze

This is one of the most simple office yoga techniques. While at your chair, grab your leg and hug it tightly. Keep the other one close to the floor in a natural position.

Change leg and repeat.

Leg Lift

Sit straight and lift your legs one by one. Keep them as perpendicular as possible to your body for a few seconds.

Sun Pose

Lets end our back stretching exercise routine with one of the most classic yoga techniques: the sun salutation. In this version, you stretch your arms up to the ceiling, and while still sitting bring your body forwards. Do this slowly, and repeat this movement for a couple of times.

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Congratulations, you have completed your office yoga routine! Hope you enjoyed the yoga tips, may they help you relax while sitting in your office.