Online Spa Music: Free mp3 Music download

Online Spa Music: Free mp3 Music download

Hello everybody, ready to start your week? My day has begun really soon… I woke up at 5 o’clock and took 2 trains… I was out of town and today I have had to get back to work!
Well… it’s Monday, did you notice it?
I started to listen to some of the music we have recently created for our label and I decided to put one of these songs on Soundcloud with the link on this article, so you can enjoy it.
It’s a free relaxing spa music played by piano, with no specific melodies, just notes… put together to create a calming and peaceful song as online spa music, ideal during a massage session or better if you want to relax in a whirlpool during a spa day.
Enjoy ou music for relaxation… and have a nice week!

  1. Cley


    Onde posso encontrar o CD com essas músicas de relaxamento?


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