Pat Metheny: Soft Jazz and Relaxing Jazz Music albums on Classical Guitar

Pat Metheny: Soft Jazz and Relaxing Jazz Music albums on Classical Guitar

Here we are once again with another great guitar player.

Pat Metheny has been on the jazz set (on jazz music for sure J) since 1974. Even if he is considered a great jazz player, he has released some solo guitar albums that may be labelled soft jazz. I’m not sure if we can call it also “Relaxing Jazz”.. Why not?  The “Passaggio per il paradiso soundtrack is one of them.


There is also another album with acoustic guitar notes, “One Quiet Night” (2003), they are both solo albums.

But the best one has been released in 1997 and it’s a duet, Pat Matheny together with Charlie Haden, titled “Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories)

I highly recommend listening to it, because it’s a really great album. You can listen to it here on youtube.

On this album there are only two instruments, Pat Matheny plays classical guitar and Charlie Haden the acoustic bass. Believe me, the atmosphere they build with their harmonizations is incredible.

Once again a great addition to your relaxing music collection that can be used for a dinner as background music, or in front of a fireplace during a cold snowy winter night.

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