Planning Your Spa Day at Home: BEST IDEAS

Planning Your Spa Day at Home: BEST IDEAS

Planning Your Spa Day at Home: BEST IDEAS

The weekend’s almost here! What do you have in plan? How about cutting out some time for a DIY luxury spa day at home?

The weekend. That sacred, beautiful time for myself that people who know me well know they should not dare ruin. After a long, hectic week, the moments of peace I get to spend at home should be as special as they possibly can. That’s why I occasionally organize a DIY spa day at home for me to enjoy and release all the stress I bottled up! Doing so is extremely simple: here are some of the best natural stress relief ideas you can use for yourself!

Light Up the Atmosphere

Before you even start thinking about sorting out what kind of treatments you should prepare, put some effort into creating the perfect atmosphere. It’s all about the details; grab some scented candles, tea-lights, and a couple of pure white towels. Sometimes, I even go out of my way and buy some flowers to place in a glass vase. Go crazy and place these all around your bathroom and living room. Perfect! Now you’re truly ready to pamper yourself at home.


Hair Masks

My hair is very crisp, and the only time I get to take care of it is during the weekend. I use this time as best as I can by preparing nourishing masks. After running a hot bath and soaking, I apply the mask and keep it in place with a hot, damp towel. My favorite is olive oil, avocado and honey!

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Face Masks

After taking care of your hair, move on to your skin. The hot water will have opened up your pores, and it’s time to clean them up. Start with a homemade body scrub to remove all the dead cells. In most individuals, the face is where our skin is the most delicate. Prepare a nourishing mask to reinvigorate it: my personal choice is green tea, lemon and yoghurt. Find out your type of skin, and take a couple of minutes to research what’s the best face mask for you!

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Have a Snack

Prepare your refreshments beforehand! After pampering yourself outside, do the same inside. Here is a list of things you might enjoy while you are sitting and waiting for your masks to work:

– Fruit Salad

– Lemon Water (find out more about it over here)

– Green Tea or Herb Tea

The Right Music

Finally, set the mood straight by playing the perfect music in the background during your DIY spa day. We have the perfect selection on the Meditation Relax Club YouTube channel. Hop on over and listen:

I hope you enjoyed these natural stress relief tips on how to make your spa day at home a little bit better. Check out the rest of the blog for more articles!