Practicing Self Care: 7 Effective Booster Energy Rituals

Practicing Self Care: 7 Effective Booster Energy Rituals

Practicing Self Care: 7 Effective Booster Energy Rituals

Is your idea of relaxation sitting in front of the TV or playing video games? You’ll change your mind after reading this article.

Not so long ago, my idea of relaxing included laying on the couch, and doing nothing. I believed that turning on the TV did relax me, and certainly entertain me. But it did not do the same for my brain or my spirit. On the contrary, it stressed me out in the long run, making me irritable and anxious. I decided I needed to change my routine, and find new, interesting self care activities that would help me feeling energized. Here are my top 7 health care rituals, ranging from energy boosters to wellness treatments that are sure to make you feel better!

Long Nature Walks

I do love myself a light run out in the open. It burns calories, tones muscles… But sometimes, I need something lighter, something that will make me enjoy the moment. Taking long walks in nature is what does it for me. It connects me with something alive, and leaves me time to relax, giving me another perspective on life.


Using my voice with rhythm, for something other than talking to other people, gives me great peace and cleanses my soul. It makes me happy for no reason; next time you want a natural energy booster, try listening to your favorite playlist, and singing along! May it be while driving to work in the morning, or in the evening while you prepare dinner… Sing your heart out!


Spending Time with Animals

Many studies have proven that caressing or playing with animals has stress relieving effects on your body. That’s how I feel when I pet my cats. Animals give unconditional love, and make your heart swell. In just a couple of minutes they can turn a dark mood into a good one, making you feel energized and ready for a harsh day!



Listening to Music

Try listening to some relaxing music while practicing self care. Here is an amazing music video taken from our main YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe if you still haven’t!

Reading Books

Nothing’s like some good, old fashioned page flipping once in a while. Enter other worlds, and read someone else’s thoughts. Reading is one of the most enjoyable and healing self care activities, giving you a simple way to reflect and get inspired.

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Long Baths

Is there anything more relaxing than slipping in a hot bath after a long day of work? Make this experience even better by lighting a candle, dimming the lights and using some scented salts. It takes the minimal effort, but gives great satisfaction.


Oil Massage

Try inserting dry brushing with oil into your daily routine, right before a bath or a shower in the evening, or even as you wake up in the morning. Dry brushing removes dead cells, improves circulations and drives toxins out of the body. It’s something to look forwards to! And while you massage, listen to this album to enjoy it even more:

I hope you found these tips and self care activities to include within your daily routine useful. Let me know if you have your own energy boosters to pick you up in the comments down below, and check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog for more info on a healthy and positive lifestyle!