Practicing Self Care: Maintain Peace No Matter What Happens in Life

Practicing Self Care: Maintain Peace No Matter What Happens in Life

Practicing Self Care: Maintain Peace No Matter What Happens in Life

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means” – Ronald Reagan

Life is a long rollercoaster ride. Each turn is as exciting and unpredictable as the next. One second, you’re at the top; the next, you are deep down under. Every little thing has its effect on us, and once you hope you just got on a straight, safe path, it all starts again.

Dealing with these emotions created every day can be stressful. After feeling exhausted for years, I became aware that what I needed was a sense of peace, and ways of practicing self care while traveling in what I believed was the right direction. Sometimes, a small change of perspective is all you need. No matter what happens, life goes on, and we move forwards.

These practices are sure to help you with that. Follow these simple rules; you will stress less, and things will get simpler!

Look at Things from Afar

Bad things are going to happen. There’s no way around it, and you know it. However, as devastating as they may seem, you must look onwards beyond the pain. Look at the broader picture: nothing is for eternity! Life goes on, and everything will change around you, for better or for worse. It’s just part of the natural course of things; the best thing we can do is accept it, and laugh in face of bad luck or misfortune. Looking at things from afar will help you maintain peace!


Expect the Unexpectable

What’s life worth living without a couple of twists or turns? I mean, planning things is fun, but dealing with the unexpected is even more exciting!

Unexpected things happen to everyone. Whining about it is no use, and resisting every curve ball life throws at us will only make us miserable. Stress less by coming to terms with the fact that sometimes, things need to go in a different direction than the one we planned or hoped for.


Be Patient

We are living our own, personal story. I feel you; when I read a novel, the urge to get to the good part and skipping all the in-betweens can be tempting. But, alas, do they not say that the act of waiting in itself is pleasure? Don’t unravel your story and jump right to the end before you know what’s even happening. Take your time, be patient!

Practicing Self Care

When was the last time you sat down, had a cup of tea, and relaxed? You spend your days running errands for others, but this moment is for you. Lay back, and listen to some music; this is the best way to find a sense of peace while moving in the right direction.


That’s it. Sometimes, the simplest tips can be the hardest to follow or remember. I hope you can remember mine, and that they may be of help during your hardest times.