Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas

Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas

A healthy afternoon snack gives children enough energy to stay active up until evening. Choosing the right combination of tastiness and calories is not a simple task. Over here you can find some ideas that may help you out!

What should we give our children to eat during their afternoon playtime? This small decision has a huge impact on how they act during the rest of the day. Give them too much sugar, and they will be cranky. If you go for quick healthy snacks with enough calories and vitamins, they will reach dinnertime with no problems at all.

A moderately active eight year old should eat around 200cal each day during the afternoon. Shelf snacks often contain much more than that, and are not enough to keep they satisfied for long. They don’t fill you up, and contain have no positive nutritional value. Here are some quick healthy snacks that are sure to satisfy your child; healthy food choices with low calorie counts, that still taste great!

Fruit Salad

Colorful, tasty, filling and extremely simple to make! Use seasonal fruit to make sure it is always fresh and packed with vitamins, and get your child to help you choose what you should put inside: he will like it even more!


The name says it all: ants on a log. Grab some celery, spread peanut butter inside it and place some raisins across it. The result will be one of the most playful and loved snacks for kids!

Peanut butter has plenty of protein and fiber; try adding it to some low fat yoghurt to spice things up as healthy alternative to the sugar filled ones.


Low in fat and packed with vitamins, pears are one of the best quick healthy snacks out there! Cut them up and serve them with some cottage cheese and a slice of bread.


Children go crazy over colorful sippable treats! Create your special combination starting from a low fat yoghurt and banana base, and adding different frozen fruits to the mix!

I hope you find this list of healthy snack ideas helpful, and that your child likes them!