Quitting smoking with meditation

Quitting smoking with meditation

Quitting smoking is not easy, but today there is an extra weapon to do it. After pharmaceutical remedies, books, hypnosis, experts and sheer willpower, it’s time to try meditation. With meditation you can begin to see where the need to smoke comes from. Smoking is an addiction that takes root inside us, sometimes it becomes a mechanical thing, but for those reasons the process of smoking cessation must begin from our mind. Once displayed, you can figure yourself as a non-smoker person, through meditation. By insisting on this view with patience you can eliminate the need to smoke. Meditation should not be just an excuse to stop smoking, it can be generic and apply to other personal problems and try to solve them, the important thing is to concentrate on the fight against any addiction. Imagining ourselves as non-smoking people or as non-addicted subjects, things that we imagine can become real step by step. In this case quitting smoking will be easier because inside our mind we have already done it. Try for free with this guided meditation!


  1. Chiran

    Nicotine withdrawal is a big issue for me and I have it very badly at times that I am under more stress than normal. This has helped. Thank you.

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